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10-card tarot reading - up to 3 questions by email

10-card tarot reading - up to 3 questions by email

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Welcome to Sage Advice Shop
The Celtic Cross Tarot Reading will give you a more detailed reading of your present circumstances and your projected future circumstances as well as what in the past is influencing you today and into the future. This reading is good guide to the current influences around you that will then enable you to see clearly what you need to do to achieve your goals and desires.
Please let me know the following in order for your reading to be as accurate as possible:
If there is any specific area of your life you want to concentrate on, or a specific question or require a general reading.
These can be left in the 'blank portions' on the order. OR if you aren't able to do that, please email me at as soon as possible the following:
1. Your first and last name - full name is optional
2. The month and day of birth (year is not necessary)
3. An email address if it is different from the one registered.

You will receive your reading 24-48 hours from receipt of your request.  You will also receive a photo(s) of your tarot spread.

Please remember that Tarot gives you the answers you need to hear, not necessarily the answer you wish to hear.

Thank you!

Judy Emery


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