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Career Tarot Reading 10-card- Advice & Help

Career Tarot Reading 10-card- Advice & Help

Welcome to Sage Advice Shop
This is a 10-card tarot reading to discuss your career/job issues, and what the future can bring currently or what you may do to improve your outcome. Once ordered, I will prepare the reading and provide you with a picture of your cards as they are laid out; and a detailed description of what the cards say has been your about your career situation. This reading special is especially for your career and business advice.Please include in your note any specific focus you have such as: Current type of job and issue that has you concerned. The cards tell you what you need to hear - not necessarily what you want to hear - but always includes advice on how you can improve your situation. I look forward to the opportunity to assist.

Approximate time to receive your reading is 24-36 hours
If you don't have enough room in the 'box' to type out your situation, feel free to email it to me at


Thank you!

Judy Emery

Txt: 541-704-7177



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