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Relationship 10-card tarot reading

Relationship 10-card tarot reading

Welcome to Sage Advice Shop
This reading is for a relationship reading - potential or current relationship. A detailed reading regarding the past, present and future possibilities with a current or potential relationship.

Please include the following in the blank comment space - or email me the following details
1. Your first and last name - full name is optional
2. The month and day of birth (year is not necessary) or zodiac sign if you prefer
3. An email address if it is different from the one registered.

You will receive your reading 24-48 hours from receipt of your request.  You will also receive a photo(s) of your tarot spread.

Please remember that Tarot gives you the answers you need to hear, not necessarily the answer you wish to hear.

Thank you!

Judy Emery

text: 541-704-7177


*by law I'm required to state that tarot and pendulum readings are for 'entertainment only'. 

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