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Tarot Reading 3 card - online tarot, Abyss Tarot divination cards; by email

Tarot Reading 3 card - online tarot, Abyss Tarot divination cards; by email

Welcome to Sage Advice Shop

Tarot readings can help you with all aspects of your life. The three cards are drawn specifically while focusing in on you and your spiritual guides, and ancestral protectors to bring messages for you. With a specific question(s) or areas of concern in your life, the cards will give clarity to what has been happening, and what you need to focus on to have the best possible outcome.

I will do a specific 3- card reading for you; and email you the results and a picture of your particular card spread in 24-36 hours. ( I work afternoons and evenings on Monday through Friday, and throughout the day and evening on Saturday and Sunday.) I live in Albany, Oregon, so keep in mind I am on Pacific Standard/Daylight Time)

For this reading I will be using the Tarot of the Abyss cards.
I look forward to having the opportunity to read for you.

Please include your name, Month/Day of birth, and if others are involved in your question, please provide their name(s).
I will send you via email your complete reading, including pictures of your cards and the spread.
If you were unable to provide these on your Order page in the blank spaces, please email as soon as possible to

Once complete I take a photo of your cards, and I type out a detailed explanation of what the cards say, your guides and spiritual army. I then send this to you via email.
It will be my privilege and honor to do a reading for you to assist you in your concerns or just to find out what the Universe wants you to know to assist you.

With all my readings, if you have questions or need clarification on what was written, I'm always willing to assist on clarifying your reading for free. (Just send me an email.) :)

Love and Light~

Judy Emery


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