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All about the 3 of Cups

In general, the 3 of Cups is all about celebrating an achievement or status. It's a shared experience with friends and family. It can be the celebration of a graduation, a birth announcement, an engagement or wedding, a promotion or a new job etc.

It can appear as an answer to a question, such as if you are in a tight spot and wondering how it will turn out. There will be no need to worry if the 3 of Cups appears in your future as the answer to your question. The answer is that it will turn out fine and for the best.

If you are using the tarot cards as a quick yes or no answer to any question, if you turn or pull the 3 of Cups your answer is always a yes.

For health issues, if you've been unhealthy or suffer from a chronic illness, the 3 of Cups is also positive. It means your health will improve or symptoms should subside. This is no substitute for seeking true medical advice. Tarot should only be used for confirmation or assurances.

I often get asked about reversals in tarot. What does it mean when the card appears upside-down. I typically don't use reversal unless the overall reading looks somewhat negative from the other cards presented. A reversal of the 3 of cups can mean a delay in the results, but rarely is the 3 of Cups in particular a negative card.

That's about it for the 3 of Cups today.

I'll focus on some other cards in my next blog entree.

Blessings, love and light,



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