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Happy Summer Solstice

A Summer Solstice Blessing

It’s the midsummer’s evening, the shortest of night,

Where our planet is blessed with the greatest of light.

The sun at its power, sharing its wealth,

With the earth glowing in abundance and health.

The trees' leaves are green, the birds are in song.

The days are as warm as they are long.

We honor the animals, the plants and living things,

The sun and the water and for the life that it brings.

May you find well-being and may you find peace,

In days after solstice, as the light does decrease.

May the blessings of the solstice be yours I pray,

And the light warm your heart and soul every day.

-Old traditional pagan poem

This is a time of renewal and healing. The longest day of the year gives of the light to cleanse the dark corners of the world. Here is a traditional ritual to use as we move into summer and summer activities.

Celebrate Midsummer with a fire. Make sure you can do it safely by using a firepit, hibachi, or grill. If this is not possible, use a yellow candle indoors. Make sure your fire is not where it can burn any vegetation or cause fire to spread!

Write down on small pieces of paper all the things you are ready to release this season so you can have more energy for the important things in life. Reflect carefully on this and look at what keeps you from being your best you. What things are you ready to leave behind? What beliefs have you stuck unable to move forward? What habits and feelings do you harbor that keep you from being a loving, kind and healthy person? Where has caused you to be anxiousness, fearful or angry and needs to be let go?

Now place the papers in the fire one by one while saying, I now release all negativity to the flames. The Goddess of Fire will clear my pain. Thank you and so mote it be.

May your summer be full of blessings, light and love~


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