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Fall (Spring in the Southern Hemisphere) Solstice!

You've been noticing the signs - the leaves and lawns are dried. Some of the leaves are turning colors. The Fall Solstice officially begins at 6:04 PM Pacific Daylight time in the Northern Hemisphere and the Spring Solstice begins at the same time in the Southern Hemisphere. The ground is warming there and signs of spring are blooming.

Because I live and follow the Northern Hemisphere, here are some things you should be doing spiritually to prepare. Autumn is about endings, and letting go. It is the completion of a life cycle for many plants and insects. For animals it's a time to prepare for the long winter ahead; gathering food or preparing a den in which to rest and retreat in the coming months ahead.

Spiritually, it is a time to reflect on the year and what has been accomplished for your own growth. Review the balance in your life. It's a time to slow down - although for many it's a return to the busy life of school and work. When returning to activities, it will be important to bring your life into full balance.

Life is not meant to be all work, nor is it a time for all play or rest. If you are a person who tends to be very busy with many projects and people that you attend to during your days, it will be important for you especially to schedule time for yourself. Self care includes getting exercise, getting enough sleep, eating nurtriously, pampering to your own physical needs, and taking time to unplug and meditate and connect with your spiritual family as well as your earthly family.

Make a plan for yourself prior to the Solstice to schedule the above self-care items into your daily life. By scheduling them, you will see how much time you can devote to other projects and need to learn how to say 'no' to requests for more of your time. You are only given a finite number of hours in a day and to be balanced and healthy, you should not sacrifice your own time and well-being when you don't have 'extra time to give'.

One of the things I like to do on the solstice is prepare a 'harvest dinner'. This includes all fruits, grains and vegetables that are available from your own garden or from a local farmers market. Prepare a veggie tray for appetizers, and use fresh made bread with local made butter to go along with either grilled vegetables or a hearty soup. Finish the meal with some late harvest fruit pie or cobbler and homemade ice cream.

Take time to thank the earth and the farmers for their work in providing us with the heavenly bounty of good foods for our bodies and mind.

If you don't compost this is a good time to begin composting to add back to your own garden when it has completed a cycle. Read up on how to compost here: Adding back to your own soil naturally helps your garden and reduces waste in a landfill.

Plant some herbs to grow inside for the winter to use in your meals during the winter and early spring. This can be a fun project to do with your kids! Here's an article to help with beginning indoor herb gardens for beginners!

Autumn means less light, and more darkness, but it isn't a 'dark or evil time'. It is a time for our part of the planet to rest and renew, which is necessary to begin the preparation for next spring and summer. There has to be rest and darkness before there can be time for more activities that require longer light that again sparks new life and energy.

Have a beautiful fall and feel free to write me about your fall traditions! I love to hear new ideas from people! You can email me at

Blessings in abundance!



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