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Court Cards and Tarot

Court cards can be confusing both to new tarot readers or novices as well as the customer receiving the reading. First off there are 4 suits of tarot as far as court cards; they are The Cups, The Wands, The Pentacles and The Swords.
The naming convention varies between different decks. Some use: Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages, while other decks refer to the as Fathers, Mothers, Sons and Daughters. They are the same Father = King Mother = Queen, Knights = Sons and Pages = Daughters.
Each court card corresponds to specific traits and behaviors both positive and negative.
Interpreting what they mean to a specific person who you're reading depends on the question, placement surrounding cards and situation. Sometimes the court card is presenting to let a person know that they most take on some of the traits of the specific court card in order to achieve or overcome a goal or result or situation.

Other times they present to warn you of a person who has the traits of intentions of another person.
It takes practice, insight and intuition to understand if the court card is presenting its more positive traits or negative traits. This is where the surrounding cards can help tell the story of what the overall reading is conveying.

This is a very broad and general overview - as a detailed look at court cards could literally fill a book.
In the coming weeks, I'll be posting more details about specific court cards as well as other information, tips, tricks and other fun things!

Until next time, stay safe and blessed.


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