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Squashing the Bugs!

I spent some time today with my tech support people, and they were very helpful and were able to fix a problem I had on getting my online booking site working.

You can purchase email tarot and pendulum readings, but I also have added the option of a 45 minute video tarot and spiritual consulting time for those of you that prefer to work face to face with me.

In addition to this, I've added my home clearing and/or home investigation bookings. Those require some communication back and forth before we can quote you a price and book, but this is available to people in Oregon and Washington states.

Many realtors have come to me to get bad energy or 'unwanted' spirits out of a home so it will sell!

I still will keep my 'presence' on Etsy for now, but will gradually phase out that shop or leave only a small footprint there.

Also, if you don't see something on this shop yet, just email me and ask. I will continue to add my offerings as well as do special requests for my clients.

Blessings, light and love!



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