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You Aced It!

Aces are all about endings and new beginnings. When you see an Ace you know an area of your life is about to change to something new.

Each suit represents generally a different area of your life. WIth The Ace of Wands, it's usually around the area of work or school. WIth the Cups, something with emotions and passion will be involved. Often a new relationship. The Ace of Pentacles ushers in the first signs of success; usually in business, but I have seen it be the 'first signs of success on a new romantic relationship as well. The Ace of Swords is usually the omen of the beginning of a conflict, however, since it is the beginning, it also means tht you have the opportunity to change things so instead of a conflict you work towards coming up with solutions that help avert a conflict.

In these ways, tarot can be helpful in understanding what is happening in your life. You may not see the ending or beginning of something new until you are awoke to seeing the pattern emerging in your life.

Tarot can help you see what will be happening if you stay on your same path, but it also allows you to make the choice to handle things differently so you can have a different and more positive outcomes.


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